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inRiver PIM-integration for Magento 2 Zoom

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inRiver PIM-integration for Magento 2


Quick Overview

This integration provides high-volume import of product data from inRiver PIM-system to the Magento 2 platform.
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This integrations provides import of product data from inRiver version 6.x PIM-system to the Magento 2.0 platfor

The integration covers:

-          Integration of products, items and categories

-          Creates PIM product hierarchy (product - items) as configurable products and/or simple items

-          Easy-to-customize and configure for attribute import

-          Can be customized for other objects built in PIM

Detailed description for inRiver PIM-interface and configuration


  • PIM Channel structure is configured to match the desired Magento category structure. Each PIM ChannelNode corresponds to distinct Magento category which contain the same products as PIM ChannelNode.
  • inRiver Connect is configured to export channel to local filesystem using standard output connector.
  • Scheduled task on PIM server synchronizes the exported channel files to Magento server. Synchronization interval is configurable and synchronization can be done either as full export or as delta export.

Product and Item level configuration

  • Product or Item FieldSet is used as magento attribute set.
  • For PIM products that should be created as configurable products in Magento, there shall be a field that specifies the PIM Item level CVL field(s) that are used as configuration options in Magento. Each item within configurable product must have a unique non-empty value combination for these fields.

Localization Support

  • PIM LocaleString datatype is supported and language specific values are mapped to corresponding Magento website orstoreview. English value is used by default if language specific value is not found.
  • Different PIM fields can be mapped to different Magento websites.
  • Product/Item level fields  (market, status etc.) can be used to control product visibility on different Magento websites.
  • Support for language and/or market specific images and other resources.
  • Localization for attribute fieldsets

Detailed description for Magento-interface and configuration

Import description:

  • The Inriver Import Magento extension periodically checks a local folder on the webserver for new data to import, this data is exported and synced from the Inriver server, whenever a product is saved.

Attribute handling:

  • The import extension is based around a Mapping system which defines which product attributes are imported from Inriver to Magento.
  • The Import extension automatically creates the specified attributes with label translations and options for dropdown and multiselect attributes, whenever they are changed in Inriver.
  • The import also supports mapping localized attributes to different stores in Magento.

Category import:

  • The import supports creating and updating the category tree in Magento based on the channel structure in Inriver PIM. Localized category names for different stores is also supported.

Product import:

  • Products are created and/or updated whenever they are changed in Inriver. Currently simple and configurable product types are supported.
  • The import also supports linking related, crossell and upsell products based on connections made in Inriver.


Delivery does not include inRiver- and or Magento-licenses or services.

Additional Information

Applications Magento, inRiver
Compatible with versions Magento community & enterprise 2.0, inRiver V6
Delivery Contains -Installation instructions incl. customization instructions
-Source code
License Coverage One integration