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About the Conversion Kings store

Welcome to the Conversion Kings (“CK”) extension and add-on market place for global leading omni-channel platforms. The assets marketing and sold on CK’s  site provide additional value-added to these platforms through ready-made integrations, enhancements and additional functionalities. The assets speed up development efforts of compelling omni-channel experiences. At the launch of the store, the platforms included are Magento, inRiver and IBM WebSphere Commerce (“Platforms”). Value-added technologies are leading back-end, payments and personalization platforms.

The store is aimed at helping developers, implementation partners and even customers that are using these platforms to speed up and cut costs of development. Assets provided in the CK store can be integrated and customized to solve specific needs.


Digia Commerce Oy Ab – Owner of Conversion Kings

Conversion Kings is a trademark owned and operated by Digia Commerce Oy Ab, based in Finland with offices in Vaasa, Helsinki and Turku. Igence is a provider or solutions for omni-channel commerce for leading companies, foremost in Finland. Extensions and add-ons sold on CK’s store that are developed, supported and owned by Digia are marked with Digia’s logo on the product page.


Enjoy the Conversion Kings market place!